Aster&Selene pioneers classically-inspired design for the modern home.


All designs are drawn digitally by Anna, whose background in Classics (notably, Latin, Ancient Greek, and Persian History) has come together with her love for design and branding.

Anna at Petra, Jordan

Where did it begin?

It all started when homeware celebrating the feminine became trendy - candles, vases, wall art, you name it. People searched for all things form and figure, echoing the sculptural works of the classical world.

...But it was all quite beige. Scrolling past the nude palette pioneers prompted the question “why is it that people love this style? What makes this love of body and form so familiar to me?” And so it struck me that, unknowingly, the modern shopper was re-falling in love with classical form. We are enamoured with the original archetype of beauty, but through modern eyes.

In thinking about how this love of the classical might translate into a contemporary brand... Aster & Selene was born.

Who are Aster and Selene?

The name Aster & Selene is inspired by the moon goddess, Selene, and her son, Aster, the star. Whilst the names 'aster' and 'selene' are Greek in origin, it was hugely important to me to pick symbols that were important in every ancient civilisation, and to keep a more balanced, gender-neutral feel that welcomes a community of all shapes and sizes.

The dream for Aster & Selene is to create a bold, colourful and stylish space that inspires and unites lovers of all things classical through the voice of design. Make yourself at home and please don’t be afraid to get in touch!

A note on sustainability

Each order is packaged with the planet in mind, using local partners and recyclable materials. All prints are wrapped in biodegradable cellophane, acid-free tissue paper, and a card-backed envelope. Orders also include a pin-able thank you card and a classical sticker.