Amazons Amphora

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The Amazons of the classical world were long believed to be purely imaginary. They were the mythical warrior women who became the archenemies of the ancient Greeks.

Every Greek hero from Hercules to Theseus and Achilles had to prove his valour by fighting a powerful warrior queen. Some 30 years after the Persian wars, the Greeks were still revelling in their success. But rather than explicit depictions of the historical event, artists (like this ceramicist) preferred grand mythological battles between Greeks and Eastern hostilities, notably the Amazons.

The Greeks located them somewhere in the north-east of the med, on the vast steppes of Eurasia. Modern excavators have found thousands of graves in the vast plains of Eurasia, belonging to people called Scythians. There, they found women who fit the Amazons’ profile: women who hunted, fought, rode horses, and used bows and arrows just like their male counterparts.

Could these be the warrior queens, Hippolyta, Thessalia, and Antiope?

This artefact (450BCE) is a living, breathing example of how storytelling quite quickly became the moral fabric of Greek society. To modern readers, the Amazons can be empowering - where else do classical women flat-out contradict societal norms and gender ideals?

This is my most complicated design today, taking 50+ hours to create. If you’re looking for wow-factor, the details in this artefact are as good as it gets! Colours are true to original terracotta hues and the bold teal background acts as the perfect contrast. Available in A3 & A4 (with A2 posters coming soon). Enjoy!

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